About the Course

The course is a combination of about 50 permanent and 50 portable fences on 40 acres of hayfields. The portables are always out and are moved regularly. Standards and rails are available on the field for warm up or to allow for additional schooling options. We are generally open from June to November. 

We have jumps from Pre-Elementary to Preliminary levels including: a water complex designed by Tremaine Cooper, three sets of ditches, a trakehner, small single banks, one stride steps, bounce steps, a large drop out of the woods, tables, oxers, stone walls, logs, pheasant feeders, coops barrels and many more.

E Elementary logs on the ground up to 2', very simple
BN Beginner Novice up to 2'7", solid, with a large jumpable face
N Novice up to 2'11"
T Training up to 3'3", narrower face, terrain
P Preliminary up to 3'7"